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  • Capital: Lansing
  • Population: 9,938,444
  • Entered the Union: January 26, 1837
  • As the 26th state
  • Nickname: Wolverine State
  • Flower: Apple Blossom
  • Bird: Robin
  • Song: Michigan, My Michigan


An OWI arrest is made every ten minutes in Michigan alone. A drunk driving charge is one of the most common criminal offenses in the United States, and the bulk of these charges are made against otherwise law abiding people. Approximately 3,836 people are arrested each day for suspected drunk driving nationally, with 150 people being arrested in Michigan daily.
Based upon recent reports from the federal government, approximately one in ten motorists arrested for drunk driving is wrongfully arrested, although our government describes this more optimistically as "accurate in 91 percent of the cases, or as high as 94 percent if explanations for some of the false positives are accepted." (A "false positive" is an innocent person locked in jail, with or without an acceptable explanation.)

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